Rant: FUUUUUCKK! Way to come out and play your hearts out guys! Embarassing. Dissapointing. Soft. I had hopes that they would come out and be physical and give em a run for their money, but FUCK! 39? REALLY????!!! THIRTY-FUCKEN-NINE? Why did you guys even bother suiting up? THIS IS THE WHOLE TEAM FROM KOBE TO PHIL ALSO. But lemme shit on some players specifically.. Ahem.. FLUKE WALTON: why? what was your purpose? no game. d-league urself you useless shit. SASHA VUJABITCH: motherfucker, as much as i disliked you, i defended you so much. “the machiiine!” i would tell the haters. but no, they were right, youre garbage. pussybitch with a matching pussybitch headband. fuck you. bitches in the WNBA are harder than you! VLAD RADMANOSHIT: Is you retarded? inconsistent shit and overall fucken idiot. you make the dumbest mistakes ive ever seen. Like Van Gundy said, youre the type of player that keeps both teams in the game. dumbfuck.
PAU GASOFT: BigBird lookin ass nigga. Fuck that, Big Bird is harder than your pussy ass. Never in my life have i seen anyone get so hyped up on finger-rolls. Motherfucker you choked in the finals. You got punked. straight up. PJ brown and Big baby owned you, and they aint own shit.
LAMAR FOLD’EM: this ones hard cause ive been a supporter, but fuck did you choke as hard as jenna jameson. Out of control, missed free throws, INCONSISTENCY. We all know you can be ill at times, but why couldnt you step up in the finals? THE FINALS MY DUDE! hard to say, but that might be the last time you get there.

Anyway, that was my rant that I just had to get off my chest. Honestly though, it was a great season. #1 in the West. Kobe was MVP finally, and we made it to the Finals. We definitely are gonna be there again next season with Bynum. We gotta make a few minor lineup adjustments but I think the team will be ok, we’ll be ok. So, Congrats to KG, he deserves it, but thats where it ends. Everyone else, fuck you. FUCK YOUR TEAM. GO TEAM USA!


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